Tips for Preventing Falls

Falls can happen to anyone, as you grow older falls can become more common and some cases you can seriously injure yourself. If you do have limited mobility or are caring for someone who is, there are preventative measures which you can put into place to avoid accidental falls and minimise injuries.

Personal changes
The most important thing you can do is look after your body. Stay healthy and always take good care of yourself.

- Regularly your eyes checked and if you have glasses make sure they are the right prescription.

- Always ensure that you are wearing appropriate footwear. Comfortable, well fitting shoes with no or a wide heel will help. Walking around in socks is not suggested as you can easily slip on certain surfaces. Slippers although they may be the most comfortable they can cause you to fall.

- If you experience any dizzy spells, consult your doctor.

- Light exercise is essential in painting a healthy lifestyle. Try and do some kind of regular exercise such as low impact aerobics, yoga, TAI CHI etc.

- When ever getting out of bed, sit on the side of the bed for a few minutes before standing up. It takes a while for your blood pressure to adjust when sitting up, this is why when you get up to quickly you often experience being dizzy and loss of balance.

Environmental changes
Most falls occur in the home. Some simple modifications to your home can make it a much safer place to be in;

- Make sure that you have good lighting throughout your entire home. The lighting should be bright enough so that you can easily see objects that may be in your way, but not so bright as to blind or dazzle you, especially as you move from one room to another.

- Put night lights in your bedroom, hall , bathroom and toilet.

- Rugs and any kind of mats should be firmly attached to the floor or have non-skid backing.

- Avoid having electrical cords in walking areas.

- Put hand rails in the bathroom, shower and toilet. Height adjustable stools and toilet raisers are recommended.

- In the kitchen, make sure things are stored in easy reach. Don’t store items too high or too low. Avoid stepladders or stools to stand on and don’t bend over too often as you may get dizzy.

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